375% improvement in CTR leads to a 344.5% increase in conversions

INDUSTRY Housing Finance OBJECTIVE To achieve high Return on Investment (ROI) and improve the Effective Revenue Share (ERS) STRATEGY To begin with, we studied their available Google AdWords data to

Ever wondered how remarketing could cause conversion rate to shoot up by 439% ?

INDUSTRY Finance CLIENT A loan-based business client from Australia OBJECTIVE Our goal was to eliminate irrelevant traffic from the website and design a digital programme that could enhance Return on

How an Australia-based beauty products company leveraged our services to drive 3976% more conversions

INDUSTRY Cosmetics and personal care CLIENT An Australia-based beauty products company approached us via our paid ads. It had been advertising its products using Google Adwords till October 2014 but

Outsourcing PPC campaigns to our virtual employees reduced our client’s ERS by 120%

INDUSTRY e-commerce Business Model CLIENT One of our e-commerce business clients based in the UK outsourced their PPC marketing project to Virtual Employee in April 2016. OBJECTIVE Designing a digital

Ever wondered how small tweaks in marketing campaigns can increase conversion value multiple times?

INDUSTRY Online Sports Injury Products CLIENT The world’s leading, jargon-explained, sports injury website that provides a wide range of news, guides and advice related to injuries in sports, and an

How our Google campaigns helped establish our client’s brand in the market

INDUSTRY Cosmetic & Beauty Products Industry CLIENT Premium Skincare Brand in USA OBJECTIVES Brand Awareness: The brand was known just to a small audience. So, the client decided to widen

Micromanagement of account causes CTR to shoot up by 68%

INDUSTRY e-commerce – Leather Belts/Bags and Shoes CLIENT Largest supplier of belts online in Australia. OBJECTIVES The primary objective was to maximize conversions and go for higher CTR, lower CPA