Project Introduction

The idea was to develop a system for effective employee performance evolution software application. It is very important to evaluate performance of every employee and the need is for automation of this process. The primary benchmarks for evaluation are Skills, Attitude, Behavior, and Grades. It was meant to act as a solution for maintaining the employee information in an organization throughout the world.

Project Assignment Highlights

  • Developing grading system
  • Designing and implementing employee performance tracking
  • User Roles


  • Automating the employee grading process through available data for individual employees
  • Accessing data across multiple locations

Technologies Used

Core Java, Spring, Hibernate, XML, Eclipse (Indigo), Tomcat 7.0, Windows, Oracle


Struts Framework was used for implementation of this application, all the UI elements were designed using Tiles framework and validations were controlled using Validator Framework. Database connections, queries and interactions were maintained by creating Helper Classes.


Final product was able to track the details of every employees collected from different sources and departments. Later on it was capable of assigning grades automatically. At the end of process every employees was assigned with certain points (index) reflecting their performance evaluation for a certain period of time.

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