Project Introduction

This smart iPhone app was meant to provide a one-stop access to all employee information for their recruiters. The prime focus was to create a mobile access platform for every employee-related aspect such as working hours, attendance, leaves, payments, and project updates. Unlike other traditional apps available in the market, this iPhone app was meant to reduce the efforts of recruiters in accessing each and every piece of information about their employees.

Project Assignment Highlights

  • Creation of Client Dashboard
  • Management of Employee Attendance
  • Task Allocation to Employees
  • Employee’s Leave Information
  • Payment Gateway Integration


  • The biggest challenge of this iPhone application development task was to integrate all platforms –.Net/ Windows and Mac together
  • Developing the easiest way to make international payments

Technologies Used

Objective C, MySQL, PHP, .Net, Windows Server


The app was meant to minimize the hassles in employee management, task allocation, project management, and making payment. So, the app was designed using the best and the most exclusive iPhone App design standards. This app required access to data and transmission to multiple sources scattered in a multiple environment. So, multiple technologies were used to develop individual components of the app.


The end result was an exclusive iPhone app capable of providing one-touch access to all information related to employees, projects, task allocation, and secure payments.

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