Project Introduction

The task was to develop a download manager app for iPhones that could support multiple connections at once with auto resume features. In addition, it also needed to have the option to upload data on several popular file sharing platforms like iDisk, RapidShare, as well as to other FTP servers.

Project Assignment Highlights

  • Download/ Upload Manager
  • Auto Resume
  • Bandwidth Activities Display
  • Cool User Interface


  • Providing Multiple Connection Support
  • Integration of Internet Plugins to manage the interface between browsers and the app

Technologies Used

Objective C/Cocoa and Core Foundation, CFNetwork for Download and Upload, Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard


The end result was a great download manager with auto resuming and multiple connection download manager. It’s also an upload manager to upload your favorite files on to iDisk, RapidShare, FTP and other servers. To add power to the software it also manages internet plug-ins which, in turn, manage the interface between browsers and the app. The application also has a stunning user interface with bandwidth activities, real time throttling and many other features.

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