Project Introduction

The project involved development of a B2B portal for travel agents who offer services like Flight and Rail Ticket Bookings, Hotel Bookings, Holiday Packages and Travel Insurances. The project also needs integration of APIs and/or development of modules to access different low-cost and full-cost carriers. The final travel portal had to act as one stop source for all needs of travel agents for related services.

Project Assignment Highlights

  • Multiple Payment Gateways Integration
  • Implementation of Fair Calculation Logic
  • Ticketing Routers,
  • Managing Users and Roles (Admin/Agents)
  • Bulk Insertion, and Scheduler


  • Partial Page Rendering,
  • Toggling to and from https:// to http://
  • Caching of airlines fares

Technologies Used 3.5, C#, WCF, LINQ, Web Services, SQL server 2005, NLB


The project commenced with different supplier-partner based services using banks payment gateway. We developed a mechanism for direct access of low Cost Carriers (G8, 6E, SG) airlines and the full-cost carriers from different suppliers (Galileo, Amedus). The application used to send asynchronous request to supplier partners and consolidate their response, implementing own fare calculation logic and finally sending response to end users. We also designed a WCF service, which requests for flight availability, flight confirmation, booking in format and get the response in XML format; and by parsing XML through LINQ, we displayed results in front-end. For Rail reservation we used the web services of railway. In addition, we also provided the Admin User, right to create agents who can then book tickets for their customers or provide them different services.


The result was a finished Travel portal with capability to provide wide range of travel and hospitality related services with ease. It was capable of accepting payments from several Payment Gateways and handle excess load of agents.

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