Project Introduction

Point-of-sale (POS) software is the key to retain operations management. The project involved development of a POS software with not only essential features like billing and sales, but also to manage purchases, invoicing and receipt email feature. The goal was to make this POS software as a single solution for all needs of any retail store.

Project Assignment Highlights

  • Creation of simple, light and interactive UI
  • Developing Sales Module
  • Billing and Invoices Management
  • Managing Integration with Inventory


  • Integration of different modules together
  • User rights management
  • Designing custom controls

Technologies Used, C#, LINQ,, SQL Server 2008


Keeping all the standard POS application requirements and unique features required for this project, we used Microsoft Platform to develop it. To provide an interactive look without escalating the memory and hardware requirement we developed Custom Controls to be used in this application and created simple and light UI. For data portability between different modules of software we designed a unique database structure with strict relational database management principles. We enhanced the billing, invoicing and reporting features of this software and provided an additional facility to email invoices in specified format.

To restrict the access of strategically important data we implemented user right’s management and provided unique rights to people engaged in different level of activity.


This POS software was able to revolutionize the retail operations management. Unlike standard POS software applications, it was not only able to manage specific retail activities. It was a package combining all the features required for any small or large retail stores providing strict security measures for data at different hierarchy level.

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