Project Introduction

The client provides comprehensive solutions for online communication and eCommerce. They wanted to develop a customized blogging platform to offer to their customers. It was totally different from any other available blogging platforms or modules that are available today. The idea was to make it faster, easy to integrate with a wide range of CMS and make blog publishing quicker and easier for users of every segment.

Project Assignment Highlights

  • Creating a feature rich blogging platform
  • Performing all the validation and forms processing at client side
  • Implementing wizard based blog publishing
  • Easy and quick Integration of social media platforms


  • Prohibiting the blogging module from sending any processing request to the server and implementing all the validation and forms processing at client end
  • Creation of unique wizard based publishing mechanism

Technologies Used

ASP.Net 4.0, C#, SQL Server 2008, LINQ to SQL, Telerik Controls/RAD


The project development involved creation of a new blogging module with unique features. We used Telerik for quick and impressive UI design and built a robust application to database connectivity mechanism. The prime focus was on minimizing requests to server to we adopted LINQ to SQL, which provides a runtime infrastructure for managing relational data as objects without losing the ability to query. We also used AJAX throughout the application to manage client end validations and make the application functions smoother.


The final product was a ready to use blog module, which provided easy integration with a wide range of CMSs. The module also provided simplest content publishing experience to its users without compromising with features. The publishing wizard makes it easy for bloggers/content publishers to add various kinds of information and rich media objects.

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