Project Introduction

The client’s project was basically to create a generic system for all types of businesses that are based on the Appointment Management or Membership Management like dance training school, spa, saloon, gym, karate etc. This application can be adopted by any Appointment Management or Membership Management type of businesses by customizing some inbuilt settings.

In this system you can set up business aspects like Business Entity Name and Trade Name; you can assign multiple locations to the business; and you also assign multiple areas to the particular location. In the Product and Service Area of our application you can assign the Product and Services to the location of the trade name of your business. This application manages the member in an efficient manner to fulfil the requirement of the business. The staff area of our application also manages efficiently and accurately, so that you can calculate the productivity of the staff and pay them on the basis of their productivity. The core area of this application is the Booking Sheet that allows us to manage the appointments in an easy way so that the end user can understand the flow of the booking sheet.

Project Assignment Highlights

  • Business Entity Set Up
  • Managing multiple location for the business
  • Managing products and services of the business
  • Managing Members
  • Notification Set Up


  • To create a generic system i.e. implement a universal concept of appointment-type business into an application.
  • Managing multiple locations and each location may contain a number of areas and each area has a different working time.
  • Implement strong concepts into the database.

Technologies Used

  • C#.Net, ASP.Net 4.0 SQL Server 2008, WCF, AJAX, Telerik Controls
  • jQuery, JSON, Javascript


Manage the number of locations for single business using the ‘one to many’ relationship, and each location has a number of areas. In this case one location has many areas i.e. ‘one to many’ relationship. For the notification set up, I have created only one area for all the modules rather than creating areas in each and every module.


Here are some screen shots from some areas of the project.

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