Case study: Android application for learning and collaboration

Project Introduction

The client needed an Android application for Tablets to encourage creative learning approach in schools, colleges and other educational institutions. They wanted to create a centralized control over the learning process, equipping teachers with a great process to educate students using latest technologies. This App needed to have two modules – Teacher’s Module and Student’s Module – to be installed on their individual Tablets. The teachers would then control the application on student tablets and teach students.

Project Assignment Highlights

  • Creating an engaging Application Design
  • Implementing three-tier working
  • Centralized control of application (from Teacher’s module)


  • Creating two different modules (for students and teachers)
  • Prohibiting students control over App during the instruction process
  • Compatibility with different versions of Android OS

Technologies Used

Core Java, C, Android SDK, Flex, SQLite


To provide the desired functionality to the Android application, a three-layered approach was used as specified.

Therefore, the final app has a three-layered structure:

  • Flash (Uppermost Layer)
  • Flex (Middle Layer)
  • Android (Basic Layer)

User interface was developed in Flash. All the content used for education was flash based. Flex acted as a container to display the Flash-based content and was also responsible for providing communication between Android (Basic Layer) and Flash (Uppermost Layer). Basic Layer was implemented as server/ client model which was responsible for device to device communication. This server/ client prototype was implemented via Android. It has been developed in Android 2.3 but supports higher versions too.


The end result was a wonderful learning and collaborative application for Tablets. It made the learning process fun for students and reduced the worries of teachers, as they got a technology-backed process to educate students. Its compatibility with multiple versions of Android OS helped in making it device-friendly and popular among educational institutions.


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