‘Employee in the Cloud’ concept featured in popular UK newspaper

Daya Mukherjee - VE's Content Head
By Daya Aug 12, 2013

It was a matter of pride for everyone at VirtualEmployee.com when its unique business model PaaS (People as a Service) received prominent coverage by the UK media recently. One of UK’s leading and most respected newspaper, The Sunday Telegraph, ran a story in the Business Reporter (which is distributed with the main paper), “Employees in the Sky”, in which VirtualEmployee.com’s revolutionary PaaS model was talked about in detail.

“Just like ‘on demand’ software and hardware, full-fledged offices with real-life employees are also available in the ‘cloud’… PaaS works on the same principle as the rest of the ‘as a Service’ (aaS) family. That by piggy banking on the cloud provider’s economies of scale, the client can avoid setup or operational costs without compromising on the quality of the service or the result.”

To paraphrase a popular saying, ‘What VE thinks today, the outsourcing industry will think tomorrow.’ In other words, by providing employees in the sky, VirtualEmployee.com has taken traditional outsourcing to a whole new level. Today, we live in an age where connecting with anyone is just a mouse click away. Harnessing that kind of technology and making it work for the larger good of building a bridge between low cost talent and a vast market that is desperately battling skill shortages can only be called a stroke of genius. No longer is a client restricted by geography or time zone differences. He gets a real employee with whom he can interact in real time, unburdened by the liabilities of employee retention, HR and IT concerns, extra office space and rent, etc. With VirtualEmployee.com’s PaaS model, distance and time zone differences have well and truly disappeared.

No wonder VirtualEmployee.com has also rightly earned the sobriquet of ‘The largest online Employee Supermarket’.

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