Gain Competitive Advantage by Shipping Jobs to India

India is a Global Hub for Job Shipping

By sending jobs and work to India, you can reduce not just the cost of IT processes but of other business operations. This is what constitutes the general call to job shipping when it comes to companies in the West. Today firms from the U.S., Europe, Australia, and East Asia send a whole range of IT and non-IT services to India — making it the major hub of general as well as special-purpose job shipping such as software-enabled services and software development.

Economics and a rapidly empowering IT and telecommunication infrastructure, globally, has created the right macro-economic environment to send jobs to India and other destinations. The cost of operations in the Western countries, both in services and manufacturing, has gone up. Manpower, too, has become scarce for more process-oriented jobs – and even for more sophisticated jobs that involve analysis and technical execution.

Result: Western nations have been left with no alternative but to ship jobs to India and other countries, such as China, the Philippines, and Latin America, to keep costs down and remain competitive with services and products of emerging economies.

It’s now well-established that companies ship jobs to India in maximum numbers and dollar value. It’s because most Fortune 500 companies and small- and medium-sized companies move their projects to India, and thus India has reached leadership position in BPO and KPO.

Businesses of just about every scale ship jobs to India. Be it an individual business owner working from home office, a small and medium enterprise (SME) or a large company, all of them are eager to harness the skill and creativity India’s workforce.

Companies of all scales benefit hugely when they send work to India – as they see job shipping as part of a transformation strategy. There can be many reasons why companies ship jobs to India – within this larger strategy.

Many businesses send jobs to India if they think they are losing focus on their core businesses as they are too busy handling the “operations” side of their business. There are companies who ship jobs to India if they think they have a mission-critical project that needs instant attention, resources, and specialized skills.

Of course, the core reasons why companies send jobs to India are because the country has many merits. High-end technology in multiple areas, good infrastructure, low-cost manpower, diversity of low-cost destinations within the country, talent/skill hubs, excellent English-speaking skills, and a stable political and economic environment that has weathered the global recession well.

Once a company decides to send jobs to India it receives numerous business advantages such as:

  1. An edge over the competition in terms of technology and functionality
  2. Ideal for start-ups
  3. Cost-effectiveness
  4. Better performance
  5. Easy to manage e-business infrastructure
  6. Reliable solutions
  7. Data Security
  8. Minimum turnaround time (TAT)
  9. Effective operational environment
  10. Quality of manpower
  11. Time zone advantages
  12. Organizations that wish to provide their customer with 24x7x365 days customer support or helpdesk services can send jobs to India

Companies carrying out business in any field can send the following among many other services to India:

One can ship data entry services

  1. Data entry services
  2. Data conversion services
  3. Data processing services
  4. Catalog conversion services
  5. Spanish data entry services
  6. Spanish translation services

One can ship transcription services to India

  1. Legal transcription services
  2. Video transcription services
  3. Audio transcription services
  4. Market research transcription services
  5. Academic research transcription services
  6. Media transcription services
  7. Business transcription services
  8. Toll free dictation transcription services
  9. Spanish transcription services
  10. Foreign language transcription
  11. Audio editing services

One can send healthcare services to India

  1. Medical billing and coding
  2. Medical claims processing
  3. Healthcare accounts receivable services
  4. Medical transcription
  5. EMR software
  6. Impact analysis software
  7. Practice management software
  8. Claims processing software
  9. Medical animation
  10. Clinical services

One can send financial services

  1. Write-up services
  2. Bookkeeping services
  3. Accounts payable services
  4. Accounts receivable services
  5. Financial reporting services
  6. Accounts reconciliation services
  7. Tax preparation
  8. Vat returns
  9. Payroll services
  10. Financial analysis services
  11. Insurance services

One can send software development to India

  1. Software testing services
  2. Maintenance services
  3. Website design services
  4. Infrastructure management services
  5. Web enabling legacy applications
  6. Software as a service
  7. Open source software development
  8. Content management systems
  9. Customer relationship managements
  10. Product development services