India’s Professional Workforce and Outsourcing Success

India has a Pool of Talented and Low-Cost Indian Outsourcing Professional When asked why IBM, one of the largest outsourcing spenders in India, did not lay off a single employee

US Congress Should Support Outsourcing Otherwise US Exports Would Hurt

A war on outsourcing by Congress would badly hurt US exports In the article, “Is outsourcing free trade?” the deduction was made that outsourcing is a part of free trade.

Theo’s Adventure Capitalists

‘Theo’s Adventure Capitalists’ shows why anti-outsourcing is a bad strategy There are often many overlooked arguments as to why protectionist policies against outsourcing would be detrimental to Western economies. A

Anti-Outsourcing Consequences

Anti-outsourcing is nothing but anti-economic globalization In the Western world, the term “outsourcing” is more often than not greeted with disapproval. Outsourcing is considered an almost unpatriotic practice, the economic

Emerging Economies to Challenge Big Players in Job Shipping in the Days to Come

India Faces Battle for Job Shipping Job shipping in the next two to three years will witness new trends in an increasingly complex and fast-evolving techno-dependent world. A flatter global