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Are You Missing The Benefits of Software Outsourcing Because Of This?

For first-time software outsourcers, the misgivings and anxieties are of an overwhelming proportion and often push them to shelve outsourcing plans altogether. Which is a shame, really, because had they but planned wisely, they could have been laughing all the way to the bank.

Let’s identify the common “pain points” in software outsourcing and see how they can be best resolved.

Concern #1: Does the outsourcing company have qualified and experienced IT professionals who understand my project requirements?

Resolution:Choose vendors who allow you to select the desired candidate or remote employee rather than saddle you with some next-available in-house resource. Even if a freelancer’s previous track record is great, they work from home and so quality can get compromised.

Concern #2: Will my critical data be safe?

Resolution: Resolution: That depends on who you choose to outsource with – freelancers, project outsourcing companies, or remote staffing providers. The lowest guarantee comes from offshore freelancer who usually won’t be investing in expensive software for just one client requirement. So take your pick.

Software Outsourcing Issues

Common concerns in software development outsourcing

Concern #3: Will the vendor deliver on time?

Resolution: Again, due to the erratic schedules of freelancers and the time-zone differences, regular feedback and follow-up on outsourced software projects may be lacking. Project outsourcing companies usually deliver on time but your best bet would be a dedicated remote employee with whom you have daily interactions and so can keep abreast of your project’s progress every step of the way.

Concern #4: How do I know I am not tying up with a rogue vendor?

Resolution: A rogue vendor will promise ridiculously low rates, fast turnaround times, and a plethora of skills. Sounds like a windfall except that when you dig deep, this vendor probably has nothing more than a URL. There is no physical address or telephone number listed anywhere. The “Contact Us” tab merely leads you to an online form. Give such folks a wide berth unless you want to be ripped off.

Concern #5: Will the vendor’s resources be able to communicate in fluent English?

Resolution: That can only be ascertained personally through face-to-face interviews with the actual resources who will be working on your software projects. Opt for the vendor who makes you an integral part of the employee recruitment process.

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VirtualEmployee.com fully understands and appreciates these “pain points” of western clients who are taking their first plunge into outsourcing. The anxieties, the fears, the judgments based on “horror” stories…. From choosing you own dedicated software developer, to collaborating with them online, from communicating with them to tracking the progress of your progress, with VirtualEmployee.com it’s akin to working with an in-house resource.

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