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Resellers Help Western Firms to Hire Virtual Resources with VE has successfully been partnering with resellers in several countries, and with very encouraging results. Our services have been resold in Germany and other European countries, where companies have hired virtual employees from us (through these resellers) in domains as varied as software development, web graphics designing, and even mobile apps development. This works out as a mutually beneficial arrangement as resellers act as a bridge between potential clients and us, supplying the latter with these valuable remote resources, which otherwise would have been out of their reach.

Interestingly, client is a potential reseller and our successful partnership model can easily be replicated with all our clients. Business Partners

VE’s Successful Partnership With Reseller in Germany has been partnering with resellers abroad who have been successful in reselling our service to clients in several other countries. One such successful partnership has been with one of our resellers in… Read More...