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How does Virtual Employee Ensures Data Security?

One of the chief concerns in outsourcing has always been data security. When tons of critical and confidential information leave their place of origin and are transmitted over the Internet and into strange hands, such concerns are completely justified. With horror stories aplenty about intellectual property thefts, a client’s worry is totally understandable.

Data security and Intellectual Property theft is always a concern with a freelancer

Hiring a freelancer from any of the developing countries can be a risky proposition as there are no measures in place to safeguard precious data or prevent intellectual property theft. This is a very real source of constant concern for clients who send work to an offshore location. Worse, since a typical freelancer usually handles more than one client at a time, mix-ups can and has been known to happen. With no “visibility” or even proper accessibility, a freelancer inhabits that grey area wherein a client has to simply put their trust on them and hope for the best.

Our stringent security measures make data theft an impossibility

We understand, respect, and appreciate a client’s concern for data security. Which is why it has spared no expenses or efforts in ensuring that client information remains safe and secure while it is with them.

When a client hires with us, this is what they can expect:

  1. If a client desires, their remote dedicated employees can work in a “virtual environment,” with the employee’s PC and keyboard connected directly with client’s system in the US, UK, or Australia. In other words, all the data which a virtual employee handles will be stored on the client’s server back home and not on their desktops here. The remote employees can log onto the client’s network using VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology.
  2. The second type of “virtualization” involves storing all client data on our virtual server in our data centre and not on any employee PC. The virtual employees can be restricted from copying the data to his physical machine using Microsoft GPO and his physical machine can be further restricted to using only the remote desktop of the virtual server or we can provide a Linux-based machine.
  3. In our data centre, the IT team can provide a client with a virtual environment, where multiple users can also log in and work on simple or multiple virtual machines. This is especially suitable for those clients who have hired an entire virtual team.
  4. Many clients request that their virtual employees be provided with PCs or laptops in which removable storage devices such as a pen drive, DVD-RW, tape drive cannot be used. We ensure that these instructions are carried out.
  5. Websites and web mails (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.) can also be blocked on an employee’s system (again on client’s request) to further secure client data. If it is asked by our clients, we can monitor the mail traffic using our own mail server.
  6.’s own network traffic is under constant surveillance of the IT team, with its own SonicWall Firewall scanning traffic continuously.
  7. KasperSky, an anti-virus program is installed in every employee’s desktop and managed by IT centrally.

Additionally, we have taken other measures as well to further safeguard client’s data.

  • Our data center servers and storage (SAN) are both configured with RAID, high availability, and load balancing. We also provide RAID 1 (mirroring) to an employee’s desktop if so asked by the client.
  • Our Virtualization platform is designed by VMware and is supported by them as well.
  • We are on Gigabit Network.


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