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Businesses Reinvent Themselves By Opening Their Global Offshore Units With VE

Global Inhouse center

Virtual Employee’s revolutionary business model has ensured that Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) across the world, particularly across North America, Canada, Europe, Australia and Canada, can now open their very own Global In-House Centres in India and achieve meaningful cost savings. Just like the multinationals.

According to a recent report by NASSOM, India’s apex software services trade body, “Global captives or Global In-house centers are an integral component of the fast growing Indian IT-ITES sector. In 2012, there were about 760 GICs operating out of India and that number has gone beyond 1000 in 2015. The GIC’s are spread across multiple locations accounting for USD 19 billion of export revenues, almost 21 per cent of the industry export revenues and employs over 7.50 lakhs employees”.

For the average SMB, branching out into foreign shores to leverage the cost and labour advantages is just not a financially viable option. Apart from grappling with tedious government regulations, there are other daunting tasks such as sourcing an appropriate place, paying the rent, hiring local staff, investing in hardware, software and infrastructure, etc. All in all, a long-drawn process that can sap the average SMB of its resources and energy.

However, with Virtual Employee, an SMB can now open their own GIC in India and watch their business grow and expand manifold since they get direct access to the vast cost-effective talent pool.

With serving as the SMB’s Global In-House Centre in India, the latter stand to gain the following benefits:

  • Operational efficiency, as operations and productivity improvements go hand-in-hand
  • Ability to hire high-end, scarce talent in abundance that goes beyond mere back office skills
  • An overall high revenue impact, since SMBs can now extend services and build new ones

If an SMB truly wishes to achieve significant Total Cost Ownership (TCO) savings – something that eludes them for obvious reasons in their source locations – then considering having their own GIC in India can be considered as a very significant option.

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