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The biggest stumbling block in any outsourcing arrangement is the safety of the client’s data.  Even if you have to share your critical data with a business partner entrusted to enhance your sales, you are wary of doing so.  The reason is simple; your data is your business.  The more the data is connected to your core business, the more critical it becomes.  So, how do you make sure that your data is safe when it is processed by somebody sitting halfway around the world?  We, at, understand the criticality of this question and thus make the most comprehensive data security arrangements for our clients.

A unique four-tier data security system has a unique four-fold security umbrella for your data.  This four-tier data security system is applied to all the clients, irrespective of the threat perception.  In addition to it, our IT team is capable of applying custom data security measures for every client.   The four pillars of this system are, setting stringent accountability through non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), round the clock monitoring by a capable IT team, involving clients directly in data security, and custom security arrangements.

Setting stringent accountability: Unlike other outsourcing models, hiring a virtual employee is just like opening your own office in India where people working for you are your very own employees.  This means that and your dedicated resources are directly responsible for the usage of your data.  This responsibility is fixed by getting a non-disclosure agreement signed between you and your dedicated employees.  It is you who dictate the terms of the agreement and we act as an enforcement agency on your behalf.  When you decide the terms and conditions of handling your data, it acts as the most effective deterrent.

outsourcing arrangement is the safety of the client’s data

Round the clock monitoring of data:  Whatever is your business, we ensure that the usage of your data is as per the conditions set by you.  To do this we have a seasoned IT team that is familiar with the latest data security technology.  This team can monitor the data usage by applying firewalls, specialized hardware and software.  In addition to this, the whole facility from where your resource works is access controlled and CCTV cameras are installed at strategic points.

Involving clients directly in data security:  When you hire a virtual employee, we work as a team with you to ensure the safety of your data.  You have direct access to your dedicated resource through multiple channels like screen sharing, ThinClient, telephone line and Skype.  You can even monitor your virtual employee in real time.  This is just like dealing with your own in-house employee, albeit remotely.  In such a working relationship data fudging becomes virtually impossible.

Making custom data security arrangements: has a team of seasoned IT professionals that can install custom data security equipment for you.  In case you are not comfortable sending your data outside your office, we can make arrangements for your virtual employee to access data directly from your server.  We can also disable all external drives from the system of your employee.
With this comprehensive data security system, VE not only safeguards your data, but also involves you directly in doing so.

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