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8 Ways to Create a Robust Data Strategy

Essential Measures of Data Security

Data security is crucial whether you are handling all your business operations internally, or working with outsourcers. Putting up a foolproof system to block access to sensitive information is imperative.
Here are eight essential measures that you need to implement to protect yourself:

Limit Access

Employees’ access to the database must be limited to the section they work on. Access to critical database or database operations must be limited to trustworthy staff. They must have a different password so that you can determine who logs in and when. Generally, employees at different levels will have different access levels as well. For instance, junior executives may be able just to upload files or feed data, but the managers would be able to edit and delete data as well.

Install Encryption Software

Encrypting the database is essential if you are dealing with data that includes bank accounts, credit card information, and personal details of clients and employees. It would turn the information into unreadable codes. Even if the database is hacked, it is of no use for the hacker.

Install Antivirus

Robust, reliable antivirus software is vital on any computer, let alone a machine used for business operations. If a threat does manage to get through your security network, the antivirus software will detect and eliminate any viruses, malware, spyware and adware.

Build a Risk-aware Culture

Every single employee can unwittingly become the infection point for the enterprise. They may happen to click a dubious attachment, or plug in the wrong USB stick. You need to define the risks and goals, and educate the users about these. This is a better approach than making a knee-jerk reaction.

Complex Passwords

Train your staff to use complex passwords, making it harder for hackers to crack it. Using an automatic password generator is a useful idea as these passwords will be unpredictable and difficult to figure out for anyone who wants to penetrate the system.

Secure Laptops

If you provide your staff with laptops and allow them to take these home, make sure that these are secure. The machines store as much valuable data as a computer in the office, yet they are at higher risk of getting lost or stolen. Enabling encryption on the laptops and put in place a system that enables you to wipe all data from the device in case it is compromised.

Regular Backup

A simple procedure such as scheduling regular backups to an external hard drive or the cloud will ensure your peace when something unexpected happens. Having a complete data backup on hand will help resume operation if the data gets lost for any reason.

Monitor Activity

Monitoring your online business activity in general will help you pick anything suspicious. You can also keep an eye on your employees, regulating what they can access and what not. Moreover, you can have them working in virtual environment, meaning whatever they do will get stored in a central database and not on individual machines.

Breach of data security is a real threat. Taking basic measures to ensure data security will enable you live in peace.

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